By foot or by dog sledge?

The impressive landscape around Tasiilaq offers a variety of tours and activities all year round – in winter with skis or by dog sledge, in summer when trekking without signs or discovering the deeply blue fjords and huge icebergs by boat.



On tour with dog sledges

Get to know the traditional Inuit culture and its essential mode of transportation, necessary for survival. New and special package tours.


Aurora Borealis

Through the lense. Winterly photography expedition to catch the astonishing „dancing in the sky“. We show you several scenic spots in the arctic winter and support you with the right knowledge.


Ice fishing

Ice fishing on the frozen sea is the most relaxing activity in winter. When the ice is stable the fjord is busy with fishermen and it might be cold, but never boring.

Skitouring dreamland

East Greenland offers countless mountaintops with fantastic panoramic views over hidden fjords, the giant icecap and the endless polar stream.

Snowshoe hiking – relaxing to challenging

When the hiking boot sinks into white and sparkling crystal powder, the snowshoe carries one uphill to stunning views.

Ski trekking – over mountains and glaciers

Encounter the vastness of this snow and ice world by trekking several days with pulka and skis across glaciated mountains an to original Inuit settlements.

Nordic skiing - unlimited

Slide over the frozen Kong Oscar Fjord surrounded by a magic mountain panorama and discover your favorite route.


Close-up ice by boat

Get next to floating glacier giants and sparkling icebergs on the guided boat tours.

Kayaking in East Greenland fjords

Paddle with the stable sea kayak through the wonderful fjords and along icebergs like the Inuit hunters.

Trekking without limits

Experience the beauty and magic of the Greenlandic nature during day hikes or multi-day treks with overnight stays in a tent.

On tour with Inuit hunters

In touch with Inuit culture – go for fishing or hunting in the deep blue fjords with the Inuit hunter.


Expedition to the white horizon

For expeditions on the Greenlandic inland ice shield we provide the best advice based on know-how from decades of experience.

Local excursions

The Greenlandic inland ice shield can be crossed in shorter tours of several days to get an impression of this ice giant.

Glacier tours with ski and pulka

On the huge glaciers adjacent to the inland ice you can go for multi-day trekking tours with skis and pulka in unique mountain scenery, even until June and July.


Ice climbing

Shapely icebergs in all sizes and colours tempt the skilled to special challenges. Experienced Greenlanders guide you to the suitable target for your ice axe.

Rock climbing in primary granite

Unique granite rocks behind the coastal zone are perfect climbing destinations all year round. Difficulty can reach the highest levels, up to big wall climbing.

Mountaineering with pioneer spirit

East Greenlnad offers the highest and most unique granite peaks of Greenland. Most most peaks still await their first ascent.

The Red House Tours – your partner for information, ideas, advice and bookings

If you choose to explore Eastgreenland on your own we provide professional advice and arrange the adventure for you.

Should it be a little hike, a climbing tour, a day trip, multi-day treks or an expedition; in summer or in winter, by foot, ski, snow shoes, dog sledge or boat – we offer tips to find to the most beautiful routes, advise on safety, equipment, and current weather information, particularly ice and snow conditions. If needed, you can rent equipment.

Individual boat transfers to the start point of your tour

Greenland is one of the last countries of the world where no village is connected to another one through roads. Therefore, transportation on the water is most common, apart from costly flights. We arrange individual boat transfers within the Ammassalik district: we can take you to the starting point of your choice and pick you up later, even from a different location, at agreed-upon times. Prior scheduling and reservation is required.

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