The flights to East Greenland (Kulusuk) depart in Iceland (Reykjavik) and are operated by Air Iceland Connect. The schedule between Reykjavik and Kulusuk is seasonal. In the main season in the summer months there are daily connections while in the winter time the flight is only once per week and in the meantime there are 2 to 3 flights per week.

The international Airport in Iceland (Keflavik) is located approximately 45km outside from Reykjavik. The connection flights to Europe and worldwide depart and arrive there.

The flights to Greenland depart and arrive on the domestic Airport in Reykjavik Center (City Airport), Reykjavíkurflugvöllur. Usually you will need a stop-over night in Reykjavik.

For the transfer in Greenland from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq there are two options in summer: either 10 minutes helicopter flight or 45 to 60 minutes boat shuttle. In winter the helicopter is the single means of transportation. On request we support you with the flight bookings from your preferred departure Airport.

Travel time

It's our social and ecological responsibility to point out that your visit to Greenland is more compliant and sustainable the longer you can stay there. Not only the expenses but also the environmental impact of the arrival are relatively higher than during your stay in Greenland.

To minimise the pollution in the sensitive arctic environment and to ensure a longer term of employment to the local people we like to recommend to refrain from a travel time of less than one week. Besides the feeling of timelessness is related to Greenland - worth to experience in nowadays rush and one good cause for the visitor to indulge oneself enough time.

Because of the charactersitic catabatic winds in East Greenland there might be flight delays due to weather conditions throughout the year but mostly in winter months. Please take it into account for your planning.

Entry requirements

Greenland is not member of the Schengen area. The danish authorities (embassy/consulate) or the foreign office provide Information about the required entry documents and formalities.

Payment in The Red House hotel

EC / Credit Card payment is not accepted yet in The Red House. Only payment in cash is possible. Danish Crowns can be withdrawn at the ATMs in the supermarkets in Tasiilaq. There is no money exchange office in Tasiilaq.

The Red House tour offers

All tours offered and organised by The Red House hotel are agreed from day to day and arranged based on weather, ice and snow conditions. Booking in advance is not possible.

Mobile phones

In Tasiilaq and the villages there is mobile phone network but not outside of the settlements. It depends on your provider if the roaming for Greenland is available or not. There are puplic phones in Tasiilaq e.g. in the post office or at the heliport.


In The Red House hotel you can purchase WiFi internet tickets. Please consider that internet in East Greenland is no matter of course. The connection is operated over satellite and there are no data flat rates. We like to offer this service to our guests and kindly ask to use it deliberately.

Energy supply and disposal

We like to draw your attention to the power supply of Tasiilaq, which is provided by generators and a small hydropower station. Huge fuel tanks at the harbour remind one that all goods of daily need are brought in by ship or air freight. In the same way the removal and disposal of any civilisational waste takes place - like the dismantling of the years old and grown dump at the edge of Tasiilaq. The most houses in Tasiilaq are not connceted to the sewer system or tap water even today. The Red House hotel has both and we kindly ask our guests to consider it as true comfort during their stay.

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