Ice fishing on the frozen sea

Most relaxing

In the winter fishing at the ice hole is the most relaxing activity. Many local fisher men spend hours and days on the ice to catch codfish, halibut or redfish.

The characteristic pole is used to check the thickness of the ice and to prepare the hole. When the ice is stable the fjord is busy with fishermen and it might be cold, but never boring.

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The sea ice is elastic in contrary to fresh water ice.
It won’t break at a sudden but it bends with the ocean swell.

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When the boats are on land, respectively on ice, the fishermen punch holes into the sea ice to catch the fish.
The spot and the lenght of the fishing line determine which species of fish to catch.
In the Kong Oscar Fjord the most common fish is codfish. Also the sea scorpion is popular and the locals enjoy it as delicacy despite the 2000 bones one has. The most beautiful fish for sure is the redfish.
To catch the halibut one has to go to the deeper fjords north and south of Angmassalik. The most spectacular catch can be the greenlandic shark. It’s meat is toxic when it’s fresh and it must be fermented to be edible.

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We offer

Fishing excursions and rental of equipment:
Half day on the Kong Ocar Fjord, easy walk 1 hour with snow shoes and have your own caught fish freshly prepared in The Red House restaurant for dinner.
Full day with dog sledge to catch halibut or redfish on the ice.
Full day with snow mobile and boat, possible to catch greenlandic shark.
2 or 3 day tour with dogsledge or snowmobile to fishermens village.
Possible to catch halibut, greenlandic shark or seal, with boat excursion and stay overnight in village or hunters lodge.

The fishermen

Their patience is mostly rewarded. As observer you will feel the hardness of former winters when the Inuit where dependent on this source of food. In strong winters they still depend on it even today.

The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Langlaufski
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