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To be alone on a peak and carve the first track into untouched snow – that is the dream of ski touring and may come true almost anywhere in the remoteness of East Greenland. The region around Tasiilaq offers a number of fantastic peaks with stunning views over the inland ice shield, fjords and polar stream. You can put on your skis directly at the entrance door of the Red House for many tour destinations.

The terrain varies from smooth hills to extremely challenging and partly glaciated steep peaks (rock-ice combination tours). All degrees of difficulty and duration are available for ski tours throughout the winter. You get information about the actual conditions and possibilities locally at The Red House.

Unspoiled snow and an endless horizon – dream conditions for ski touring in East Greenland

The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Skitour

Again and again spectacular views over fjords and icebergs


Many skitours lead you through impressive glacier terrain

Snow conditions in East Greenland

… can change rapidly due to sudden break in the weather. It may vary from wind pressed to crusted snow to powder and firn. Risk of avalange must always be considered.

The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Skitour
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Skitour
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Skitour - Wind

The wind

draws its marks into the snow. The warm women’s wind Nagajaaq from the east brings precipitation and snow in the cold season. Huge amounts over night - likely more than one meter snow can be a nice surprise. The icy Piteraq, the catabatic wind which blows from the north and inland ice cap gets incredible strong. Velocities up to 200 km/h are no rarity. It carves bizarre lines into the snowy landscape, decorates the peaks and ridges with snow banners and creates shapely sastrugi in the valleys and frozen fjords - mythical creatures.

Equipment rental

The Red House Expedition service rents equipment for tours and glacier tours. You should ideally bring your own ski boots and avalanche equipment.

The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Skitour - Skifelle
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Skitour - verschneites Haus

Put on the skis – directly at the front entrance door

Ski tour in East Greenland – climb the peak of your choice in total freedom and carve your first tracks into the untouched snow.

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